China lives in observation: Trend of 3 great progress ignites 2016 furniture market

In March, annual spring furniture is exhibited as agreed upon and to, 3 exhibit greatly can be in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen early or late luxuriant perform and ring down the curtain satisfactorily, presented a wonderful household regale for wide audience. Be known as " China lives in vane " this 3 exhibit greatly can hold continuously old, every attract an industry numerous and outstanding ginseng exhibits business to participate in, also be each brand rolls out the important node that tastes newly, deliver piece annual the information such as the trends of furniture popularity wind direction, product, trends inside course of study.

Trend one: Contracted design will lead the market

Although real wood furniture still is the mainstream product of the market, but its design a style already from complex, costly in gradually retired, with the sculpture with miscellaneous move back and forth, exceeding design already was replaced by the design style place of simple line, Anacreontic vogue.

It is with Kang Naideng exemple. Exhibit in Guangzhou furniture on the meeting, chinese contracted home resides a founder- - heavy pound of Kang Naideng brand rolls out K2 series, present as leading role contracted design agitation. Contracted do not wait for Yu Jian sheet, although product of series of Kang Naideng K2 looks a design more contracted, but simpler product designs content actually taller, because want to consider beautiful sex not only, should consider more practical, and satisfying this with least line at 2 o'clock while, satisfy the requirement of human body project even even, than the product previously, upgrade the K2 contracted wind of edition is taller to the requirement of stylist.

Trend 2: Wood of black Hu Tao, cherry will become market main trend

Cherry wood basically is produced as a kind of precious hardwood from Europe and North America, its grain is exquisite, clear, connect straight, be furniture of high-grade fact wood is main with material. Although the early on the market appears, but the price that holds high as a result of its, make their market is had rate is not high. Furniture is exhibited this year on, the precious lumber such as wood of black Hu Tao, cherry makes the favorite of the market apparently, no matter be real wood furniture, real still wood sticks a skin to choose this kind of wood to plant, very much even the colour of board type furniture and decorative pattern also are stood by to black Hu Tao and cherry wood. In Kang Naideng the brand of fashionable sofa is exhibited on the meeting, k2 series increased cherry wood design, the line of will real wood and contracted color tie are together, natural and comfortable do not break decorous and easy, let product coruscate give new fashionable sense.

Trend 3: With vogue contracted and famed Ou Shijia provides a new force suddenly rises

According to last year data statistic, 50% what real wood furniture occupies whole furniture to exhibit specific gravity, now year, the market is right of real wood furniture favorite as before. Different is, compare with photograph of in former years, this furniture exhibits furniture of beautiful type real wood to decrease relatively, greeted the spring of furniture of boreal Europe real wood.

Wind of Europe of market sweep north, its amount photograph relatively apparent also last year increase. Notable is, with vogue contracted and famed Ou Shijia provides a new force suddenly rises, be extended the appreciation of home of hold a conference or consultation, become extend can ablaze leading role. Ou Shijia is provided in order to design be good at, be in harmony is classic culture and contemporary design at an organic whole, contracted and not simple is his the biggest characteristic.

Regard Europe as the deliver person of brief way of life, line of whole of Kang Naideng furniture is soft, all edge horn bearing even " articulatory " area collect went edges and corners, with fluent and soft line perforative whole, get sth done without any letup. Not only such, collect goes to the Europe after edges and corners the consideration that type furniture designs human nature to change in detail invites customer times feeling consideration.

Visible, as people of aesthetic consciousness rise ceaselessly, wood of contracted and fashionable fact kind household articles for use will make consumptive favorite, detonate the country in 2016 to have the market.
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