the continuous release of nanoparticles

when the cell is destroyed, and they can also flow unimpeded except for bacterial cells Human cells. This is called nanoparticle toxicity. Many antimicrobial floor is through the continuous release of nanoparticles to kill germs. This corollary, nanoparticles at least potential harm to the human body.
So, what is the extent of the harm? Can nanoparticles be selective so as to avoid damage to human cells? In fact, the nano-world for humans is still an unknown world, many of its performance are still under discussion. The crux of the problem now is that for a healthy,
qualified antimicrobial floor, how much should the release of nano-particles cause harm to the human body? This safe level of nanoparticle release standards is the first major issue to be addressed by experts in research and testing. In a press interview,
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