strengthening the floor, with a beautiful

room grid, ball positioning. 2, in the grass-roots center of the pop-up line or diagonal, and pop-up parquet line. 3, in the wall pop-up line, lines must be clear and accurate. 4, floor paving before the line pre-row, pre-fight and the board number. (D) floor installation 1, the first floor with a brush or dry towel wipe it again, clean dust. 2, the adhesive with a tooth-shaped scraper evenly brushing in the grass-roots

level, the plate from the inside to the order of paving, one or a construction surface covered with a roller or push plate pressure compact. 3, after the plate paved, according to the temperature to determine the cleanliness of the adhesive agent, and then seam welding. 4, before welding the adjacent two plate edge cut into v-shaped groove, the electrode with the welding plate with the same composition of the

electrode, with hot air gun, the temperature adjusted to 180 degrees - 250 degrees for welding. 5, after welding the electrode with a knife blade will be higher than the board of the electrode cut off the smooth, the operation should be careful not to scratch the floor surface. PVC plastic floor to buy skills 1, smell, sniff the nose with the smell of the floor, the quality of qualified PVC floor is no smell. And

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