flooring has encountered bottlenecks

flooring has been on the rise in recent years. Especially after 80 and 90 flooring materials have been chosen not to be limited to ceramic tiles, the choice is more diversified. The flooring, with its good foot feeling and personality The color, more and more young people like it. The use of large quantities is bound to increase the supply of raw

materials, flooring, especially solid wood flooring, raw materials increasingly tense trend is imminent, how to crack this problem? The future trend of development and where? Chinese wood flooring where to go? This is our Every floorman needs to be concerned about the problem. Solid wood flooring with its natural environmental

protection, superior texture by more and more people's love, but as a non-renewable resources in the short term, solid wood flooring has encountered bottlenecks in development, most countries have banned tree felling, as solid wood flooring raw materials, general For a hundred years or more, such logging together with the

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