the floor surface closer

wood flooring, because in nature, A-class material is a basic requirement for a good floor. The selection of natural wild longan A-level raw materials of wild logs, from the source to protect the wild nature of wild longan wild natural wood inherent temperament, criss-clear texture vivid interpretation of the natural beauty of tropical rainforests

in Southeast Asia and rich ethnic customs . Look at the purchase of solid wood flooring paint, the key is to see the paint film finish, with or without air bubbles, paint leakage and good wear resistance and other issues. This session can feel touch through the touch, you can also open a few pieces of the packaging assembly, and then

observe the assembly gap, the height difference between adjacent plates, if the strictures, feel no significant height difference can be. For those who feel particularly demanding owners, you can consider nature 10 ° soft floor, the product creates a soft 10 ° soft suede process, the floor surface closer to the skin's skin characteristics, the

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