floor industry peers do a good

country's 5500 floor industry peers do a good example and demonstration. China's famous brand of wooden flooring bunny wood flooring products are solid wood flooring, parquet, laminate flooring, healthy new residents of the project floor and the Tang Haus floor to warm the five species, a total of more than 30 series of hundreds

of wooden floors, all based Corn, potatoes as the raw material instead of chemical glue plant gel to achieve the same as the 'green and apple,' the pursuit of this production concept, with Apple as the concept of environmental protection, with deserved reputation to witness the success. Information finishing: China's top ten wood flooring brand

network What is the quality of life? If rich is to have quality of life, then not rich people are not living without quality? Apparently not. Artisans use their own technology to make a wood product to perfection that is, there is a quality of life; a hungry poor man holds a dollar to buy the largest and most fragrant steamed bread is a quality of life.

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