wood market communicate

international lumber and wood market communicate and cooperate, lumber of the 7th world and wood congress are held in Chengdu yesterday. 21 countries [url=http://deckandpatiocompany.com/home/1650.html]anti slip treads for wood deck[/url] (area) 350 delegates, 7 states delegation assembles in Chengdu, discuss jointly how to build in all " one belt all the way " destiny community, green of industry of lumber of stimulative whole

world develops greatly. The Yabanlie in Europe will be aided in promote lumber trade The reporter understands from the meeting, as the ceaseless [url=http://deckandpatiocompany.com/project/3640.html]outdoor privacy panels[/url] development of our country economy, overall to the demand of lumber present ascendant trend, but at present marine freight rises in price ceaselessly, bring about [url=http://deckforum.co.uk/fence/4510-Park-Wood-Solid-Deck-Installation.html]Park Wood Solid Deck Installation[/url] European part lumber to cannot carry

piece. Meanwhile, as environmental protection thoughts arisen, consumer more furniture of apt real wood, as our country 3 everybody provide the [url=http://deckforum.co.uk/deck/2196-Cost-Exterior-Steps-Wood-Railing.html]Cost Exterior Steps Wood Railing[/url] Chengdu that produces one of base, be badly in need of lumber of many high quality, entrance lumber will be become basically supply origin. "Current, chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing has the kind of return
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