floor has not been introduced

base may be a reduction in consumers affected by the release of formaldehyde on the floor heating effective. At present, the relevant standards for the geothermal floor has not been introduced, consumers need to buy geothermal floor products, polished eyes, careful identification. In addition, geothermal floor companies should also proceed

from their own to provide consumers with high-quality geothermal floor products. The number of well-to-do families nowadays has increased with the improvement of living standards. More and more domestic tile floors have been converted into wooden floorings. The second floor decoration laminate flooring is somewhat different from

other first-time laying of wooden floors. The following Xiaobian to China's top ten brand of wood flooring as an example to you from several aspects to explain. Fast construction, speed occupancy Compared to ordinary wood flooring, especially ceramic tile, laminate flooring construction time is very short, usually half a day get, up to

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