How should maintain daily floor of good aggrandizement wood?

the floor type on the market is exceedingly much now, but most floor is environmental protection floor, say model wood floor with respect to the example. Reckon most person does not understand this kind of floor! color composite fencing panels price So next small pose a few cases that are everybody introduction to concern model wood floor well!

One, what is model wood floor?

Model wood material is new-style environmental protection energy-saving composite material, to log the advantage is very clear, it basically is by lumber (wooden cellulose, plant cellulose) for the foundation material and thermoplastic high polymer material (PE is plastic) wait with processing aid, mix even hind heat via die device again crowded go out to shape and be made. Because of the character of its physics,recycled wood products maidenhead so it often is called the high-tech material that is green environmental protection.

Photograph comparing has it and log these a few advantages: Provide excellent physical performance more (stability is good, without node, won't produce break) treatment function slightly better (the surface is slick,moistureproof plank outdoor wood do not need polish) the amount is small, fire prevention is waterproof.

But its weakness is very apparent also, do not have simple sense namely,vinyl fencing in trinidad and tobago the surface too too smooth, the meeting is more slippery if moisture content is overweight. And constant companion has shrinkage appearance.

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