asset for Swedes since ancient times

forest resources have been a valuable asset for Swedes since ancient times. The Swedes have never ceased the rational utilization and scientific exploration of forest resources and have created the world's leading forest industry. Sweden's winter duration is long,
people stay at home for a lot of time, so the Swedes are very demanding on the home, especially like wooden household goods, it is this unique culture created IKEA, Kang and other world-renowned enterprises. In 1857, Kangshu, a company specializing in the production of solid wood flooring,
was founded in Sweden. From the time of Kangshu's founding, a woodworking workshop to the world's leading modern wood factory, Kangshu has been dealing with wood for 150 years now. Kang Shu rely on the rich forest resources in Sweden, select the best quality wood production of solid wood flooring.
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