Anthony Rizzo Jersey World Cup for Italy is no choice.

Bonucci: Italy has no choice but to win the last Lipi credit
This weekend, Italy will compete with Sweden [url=][b]Chicago Cubs jerseys[/b][/url] for the first leg of the World Cup play-offs, and the game has also drawn the attention of the media around the world. Before this war, Italy's defender Bonucci interviewed by reporters, he said the game will be very difficult, but to enter the World Cup for Italy is no choice.

Bonucci said Italy will definitely enter the World Cup

Italy in the World Cup qualifying with Spain in a small group, and ultimately Italy in the qualifying only second place, did not get directly involved in the World Cup qualifying. Italy, which won the second place in the group, will play two rounds of home-away matches with Sweden and the winner of the competition will be given a chance to participate in the Russian World Cup.

Italian guard Bonucci interviewed FIFA before the game, saying: "Our opponents are very strong. Their strength is evident from Sweden's victory over the Netherlands. For Italy, the competition will surely be very difficult , But for us, the team wants to win, but we have no choice but to leave Italy for the World Cup. "

Then Bonucci talked specifically about the opponent: "Sweden in the absence of Ibrahimovic still keep the team compact, I think Sweden will not give up every goal, we have to show in the game [url=][b]Javier Baez jersey[/b][/url]
before The quality of the will, we need to unite together, to contribute their own power. The history of Italian football tells us that all of these are the secrets of our success, whether in the national team or in Italy's club, which is our foundation for success. "

In modern football history, there is a special law. Italy will have a chance of a World Cup finals every 12 years. In 2006, Italy not only reached the finals, but also won the World Cup. Bonucci also talked about that championship, he thinks it is Lipari credit: "The last time Italy won the World Cup, the team appeared a lot of trouble, but in the end Italy won the World Cup, of course, that All this needs to be attributed to the national team coach Lippi at that time, and the play-offs are the same, and we need to stay together in difficult times and break the awkward downturn now that's what we need to do next. "

At the end of the interview, Bonucci talked about the group stage against Spain and once again expressed his confidence in the play-offs: "The loss to Spain caused some problems for Italy, but even for [url=][b]Anthony Rizzo Jersey[/b][/url]

playing against Spanish scenes we needed Have a good performance, and the game confidence in the team is a huge blow.Now Italy is in the regeneration phase, we have to be patient, as an old player
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, we need to be 100% incentive.In the playoffs, We will not produce more pressure, in the face of difficulties, the Italian team can always be a miracle, we will certainly appear in the summer of the World Cup. "

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