Raymond Mill common fault analysis

Failure Analysis: raymond mill is often in operation one of the problems is that the discharge port does not powder or powder less, that low yield, the main reasons for the failure include the following aspects: First, not Adjust the powder lock, lax sealing and lead to the powder down suction Second, the blade wear serious, so that the material can not shovel; Third, the air duct is blocked; Fourth, it may be because the seal is not good Lead to pipeline leakage and so on. To solve the problem: In order to promptly solve the phenomenon of Raymond mill does not powder, according to the reasons for the above failure to solve the following countermeasures: First, the lock should be checked and promptly readjustment; Second, replace the damaged blade ; Then, the clogged air duct to clean and re-cut mill; Finally, the seal pipe to prevent air leaks.
Failure 2: powder uneven Fault analysis: finished powder uneven, forming a powder too coarse or too thin, the main reason for the failure include two aspects: First, the classifier blade was worn, but can not be effective ; Second, it is also possible that the blower is not properly ventilated or that the impeller is heavily worn. Solution: to solve the phenomenon of non-uniform powder product, grading machine blades should be promptly replaced, you can effectively solve the problem of excessively coarse powder, and the powder should be increased too small air volume to be resolved.
Failure three: host noise and vibration larger Failure Analysis: Raymond mill in the process of using a larger noise or vibration, the main reason for the failure are: First, the blade because of serious wear and tear can not scoop up the material , At the same time, Raymond mill anchor bolts loosening phenomenon; Second, the feeding amount is small; Third, the grinding roller ring has been severely deformed. Solutions: The worn blade replaced; should be timely to adjust the size of the feed and feed; replace the new roller, grinding ring.
Fault 4: the host current increases, the fan current down Failure Analysis: Lead Raymond mill host current rise, the main reason for the decline in fan current is due to feed over, the material clogging the circulating air duct, resulting in the exhaust pipe Poor, and ultimately excessive circulation of heat caused by the host current rise, the fan current drop phenomenon. Countermeasures: Should be timely to reduce the amount of feed, while the feed temperature should be controlled, and the accumulation of dust left in the airway clean up, in addition, the air duct valve should be properly adjusted to increase excess air volume to maintain the mine Recirculation pressure inside the mill can be balanced.
Fault five: roller bearing failure Failure Analysis: Raymond mill roller bearing device damage may be due to failure to do regular cleaning and maintenance, there may be due to damage caused by the seal. Solution: Regularly clean the bearings in the roller sleeve while changing the oil seal and refueling, you can use the grease gun or manual pump for the refueling tools.
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