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The most common are (in alphabetical order):Berkson's bias: first described by Berkson in 1946 for case control studies.19 It is produced when the probability of hospitalisation of cases and controls differ, and it is also influenced by the exposure. See Feinstein et al20 and Flanders et al21 for a discussion and solution.Exclusion bias: when controls with conditions related to the exposure are excluded, whereas cases with these diseases as comorbidities are kept in the study. This was the explanation given for the association between reserpine and breast cancer: controls with cardiovascular disease (a common comorbidity and related to the use of reserpine) were excluded but this criterion was not applied to cases, thus yielding a spurious association between reserpine and breast cancer.22Friend control bias: It was assumed that the correlation in exposure status between cases and their friend controls lead to biased estimates of the association between exposure and outcome.

Yes, a CD cost more than an LP did in the late Eighties and early Nineties, and those soon dispatched cardboard longboxes were a massive waste of paper. I'd forgotten about those. When CDs first came out the record bins were sized for LPs, so CDs were sold in tall thin boxes.

The suspect and his accomplices got away with the necklace in a dark colored Mercedes Benz. Tony Shin reports for NBC4 News at Noon on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. .. I am sent back and forth twice from each side until I got someone on the phone from Starbucks who said they could help. She went above and beyond and discovered that the transactions were in fact, eGift Card puchases. Before, I was unable to track down my purchases because I do not have a Starbucks account.

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