the domestic market

bleak export market, furniture companies began to look to the domestic market. 'Our highest annual output value has reached more than 40 million US dollars, fell to more than 14 million last year, the factory more than 2,000 workers, reduced to more than 700 people now.' Recently, reporters interviewed Chunsheng Wood Company Li Yu

Ting General manager, he felt the export market difficult to do business, forcing this has been focused on the US furniture export business from the beginning of this year, had to change the marketing channels, from export to domestic sales, the eyes turned to the domestic market. 440,000 square meters of industrial areas, the workers

operating more than 200 million machines, Chunsheng wood such production scale, and even many well-known domestic furniture enterprises can not be achieved. 'We are in the production process have been completely no problem, but how to build a marketing network, how to match the team, how to build their own brands, these are

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