other European material

rebounded, a number of Burma varieties of sales have different degrees of growth, which, teak, broccoli, peach core, etc. Variety is more popular. Prices, a variety of Burma due to supply shortage again price increases, or between 5% -10%, while the previous decline in Burma Sullivan stopped the decline, has stabilized. Europe and the

United States: European timber performance shock, the Americas timber market stability. Recently, Europe and the United States timber sales are different, but the basic price of various types of timber remained at the previous level. Industrial market tenants, 6,7 months, beech, maple and other European material performance flat, but the

sales situation is stable; to August, the market demand does not increase the reverse, a number of stores such as beech and other varieties of sales fell again 10% -20% The And the United States as the representative of the American material is to maintain the balance of supply and demand pattern, especially oak, walnut and other

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