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wood-related industries, the face of the current form of Asian wood is how to do? [Asian Wood Robert Frazer]: As early as the second half of last year, the entire international market supply of logs is very tense. Not only high-quality logs, processing of sheet metal branches, bark and even some of the old wood prices are used in

varying degrees, and with the Copenhagen World Climate Conference held, low-carbon home in 2010 as a popular topic at the same time, also Has brought more restrictions on timber harvesting, and the decline in timber supply is bound to lead to higher prices. The rise in raw material prices has put the major factories of Asian

Woods under very high cost pressures. At the same time, Asia Wood has been in the production of technological improvements and new product development on a lot of time and money, such as the Asian wood industry to invest 50 million US dollars in Leshan factory to establish an annual output of 220,000 cubic meters of high-density

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