largest Laminate flooring

material prices, the industry in an uproar, with this problem we came to the domestic first-class plate manufacturers Asian wood, consult the market and floor sales vice president RobertFrazer in the raw material prices under the environment of the plate market situation. Interview guests: Asian wood market and floor sales vice president

RobertFrazer (Fei Rui Zhe) Reporter: Yan Heng 【Reporter】: Hello! I am glad you accept the soufun interview. Asian wood is the domestic first-class plate, floor production enterprises in the industry has more than 10 years of development history, and whether to chat with the users simply introduce the Asian wood industry. [Asia

Wood Robert Frazer]: 'Asian Wood' owns 'International Jixiang Plantation Products Group' (Kyrgyzstan Wood), 'Asia to create a group' (Asia Group), Asia's largest Laminate flooring, MDF, particleboard manufacturers and vendors. 'Asia Wood' the total assets of more than 200 million US dollars, in China has a number of production

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