decorative panels

more than 200 million cubic meters. Due to the huge demand for wood and sheet metal, Linyi Wood Import and Export has also achieved earlier, faster and restorative growth. According to statistics, this year, timber imports and exports of 243 million US dollars, up 369.5%, of which imports of logs increased by 85.8%; wood sheet

exports 170 million US dollars, up 26.1%, accounting for 13.3% of the city's exports. ( The board can be divided into solid wood board, wood-based panel two categories; according to the classification can be divided into solid plate, plywood, fiberboard, decorative panels, fire boards and so on. Throughout the domestic

decoration materials market, the following eight kinds of hot plate, for their advantages and disadvantages, consumers need to understand, in order to buy affordable products. 1, solid wood board As the name suggests, solid wood is made of complete wood made of wood. These plates are rugged, natural lines, is the best choice in the

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