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Cooper Ave. At Northr Page 67Summer EventsJohn Hollis 140. Sexual Assault Awareness Month July 1 31 July is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Even during the hollidays. It a 10 across the board. Remeber, no body said skiing was inexpensive.. In stores Aug., $14.95. The festival opens with the New York premiere of "La Mission," starring Bratt and his wife, Talisa Soto. Also screening at the festival is closingnight film "La Linea," a mob drama set in Tijuana that stars Garcia and Ray Liotta, and "Calle 13: Sin Mapa," a look at the Grammywinning duo's trip through South America.

You can also get a bunk infill to convert the Vee berths into a large double. All you need for overnight cruising is a toilet and some cabin lighting. Oh, and you might need a stove. Have some new faces out there next year, no doubt about that. When you have a good year like we did, you have to have experience. The draft and graduation will affect you more than in most seasons.Casey is high on the potential of a pair of sophomorestobe first baseman Gabe Clark and center fielder Jeff Hendrix and hopes outfielders Jerad Casper and Joey Jansen improve after disappointing 2013 seasons.

Wow. No idea how I managed it but I didn't eat a single chocolate and when we went out for dinner managed to make sensible choices and not drink too much either. GET IN. Brian Davis is the coach of the highprofile Rising Stars AAU team that consists of Richmond and another Illinois target, Glenbrook South big man Jack Cooley. Howard knew Davis prior to even getting into coaching. Although they weren't "close friends" while at Illinois, the two both went to school there and knew one another in the 1990s..

Then it's all the way back to 57 points for Lucas Calabrese and Juan de la Fuente of Argentina. Page was on the winning 470 crew in Beijing, sailing with Nathan Wilmot. The Australians would love to win more gold medals than Britain's strong, wellfunded team.

For me, as for so many others, this one hit home. Take Joanne Wrigley, a legal assistant with the Calgarybased Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, and the mother of three daughters, ages 12 to 19. She first heard about the avalanche the morning after it happened, while attending church.
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