gardening charcoal wood is quite environmentally

the moisture absorption and water absorption of wood, allowing the charcoal in the wet air to maintain a low moisture content. Second, the wooden pavilion with knowledge 1, to the balcony is also covered with flooring, outdoor with preservative wood, fence and eaves can add more wood decoration, to create a more fresh and natural feeling. 2, the pavilion can add wood coffee table, dinette, to create a more complete rest to go. 3, in the wooden pavilion can

add wall lamp, weak light will not destroy the natural scenery, the overall feeling more original. 4, furniture with material, you can use logs, solid wood, rattan system, linen and other natural materials. & Nbsp; & nbsp; purchase and knowledge with small series wooden gazebo on the introduction here, I hope for your help. Learn more about building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Wood keel is a commonly used building

materials, usually in the ceiling, floor and wall installation. But we need to pay attention to the installation of the spacing between the keel, so that the keel can make the maximum load-bearing, and will not make the ceiling, partitions, floor deformation. Here we come to understand how the calculation of wood keel spacing. 1, light steel keel 1, light steel keel: wood keel for the edge of the dragon, the location of the lamp with wooden keel or woodworking board, a

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