revolution in the first

of a force. It is understood that the face of the international natural forest area gradually reduced the grim situation, the World Friends of the floor as early as five years ago through scientific and technological innovation in the low-carbon road to continue to explore, 'to improve the use of high-value high-value feed' Flooring raw materials

technology research on the article, to explore low-carbon flooring products development model. When the Chinese flooring companies began to develop low-carbon economy into the enterprise planning, the World Friends of the floor first started the floor of the low-carbon revolution in the first shot, launched with raw materials as raw

materials, low-carbon flooring and low-carbon solid wood flooring, For home decoration fashion, economy, low carbon, health and other new elements. As the leader of the home industry, the United States and the United States and the United States and McLaren pay attention to the details of the temper, and constantly improve the quality

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