four hundred years

the use of dyes. But this kind of hematoxylin belongs to the cloud real field, leaves for the second pinnate compound leaves, pod shape is also significantly different with the red sandalwood. In the 17th century, as an important trade goods from Siamese and other Southeast Asian countries overseas sales (mainly Japan), this hematoxylin

compared with the same dye with the Brazilian wood production C. echinata) color is pale. Studies have suggested that in the 16th century when the Philippines produced wood 'Tindalo' (Tindalo) 'in the Philippines trade in China to produce rosewood furniture. It is known that the representative species of this wood is Afzelia rhomboidea,

belonging to the genus of the genus Solanaceae (hematoxylin), is a valuable species of the Philippines, used as a building timber for more than four hundred years ago for the construction of the Catholic Church The The place of this kind of wood is called Balayong, Philippine cocobolo. The color is dark red and has black stripes. But

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