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plausible alliance road; the latter is more practical, starting from the price, the interests of consumers need to put them in front of them. But the final result in essence, the meaning of the floor consumers are not too big. Strengthen the floor and solid wood flooring boss have been the first to try the water 'heterogeneous alliance', and many

multi-storey solid wood production enterprises, the Chinese flooring industry, multi-layer solid wood flooring originator, has always been known for positive change Some of the leading enterprises have not yet moved, in some industry seems to have appeared in the back. In the face of questioning, than the marketing director Zhang Zhiming

have something to say: 'We did not use this time and strengthen the leading enterprises (as the floor of the floor), solid wood leading enterprises (nature flooring) as the same industry bundled sales. Because in my opinion, the elephant and nature advocated by the heterogeneous industry has a natural flaw, and finally inevitably reduced to

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