laminate flooring market has risen

stretched more tightly. In order to ease the tension of raw materials and improve price control, some large floor business as early as two or three years ago to invest in self-built fast-growing forest.[url=]granite exterior walls[/url] According to Guo Hui, vice president of the elephant group, these fast-growing forest needs 5 years to 6 years, the current domestic fast-growing base of the products have not yet entered the market circulation. Therefore, the intermittent raw material is the main reason for the soaring price of the substrate.panels plastic board construction Many small and medium enterprises do not like big companies have their own base, their wood raw materials mainly from the private acquisition.

However, the price increase in the source of the supply chain farmers have reluctant to sell the mentality, and further cause a shortage of raw materials. It is understood that the current Jiangxi, [url=]solid composite joist[/url]Anhui and other parts of the substrate production plant has been 'no rice pot' and discontinued. Substrate supply less, the price is not up or down, the substrate wholesalers that hoard goods may be a chance. Zhejiang rich profit Wood Industry Co., Ltd. long-term supplier Liujing Li told reporters that Zhejiang,compare vinyl patio railing Jiangxi, Anhui and other places to the substrate manufacturers have seen the trend of substrate prices, The same, for the price of the expected to

become the key to making money. In the seller's market situation, the floor traders to the substrate business order, the average price of large orders but higher than the average price of small orders.[url=]canadian tire balcony flooring[/url] It is understood that the bulk of the bulk purchase price than the market price of about 2% to 3%, which makes some large flooring manufacturers to dispel the idea of ​​hoarding goods. Hongzhi Wood Group is located in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, the original Asian Wood Park under normal circumstances,composite wooden decking sri lanka timber stocks can reach 50,000 tons, and now because of timber tension, can not guarantee the normal inventory, Of inventory. Macro resistance

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