affordable housing

The same look at the solid wood furniture after 80 Wu, also told the author, many friends have bought a solid wood furniture, whether from environmental protection or grade, solid wood far better than plate furniture. And very durable and durable, not easy to obsolete. Although the price is relatively high, but you can buy the necessary

furniture, such as closets, the other slowly added. Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department 19 latest news shows that this year will build affordable housing and shantytowns to rebuild housing 5.8 million units, transformation of rural housing 1.2 million, is the protection of housing construction over the years the largest year. This

year the national affordable housing project has been completed investment of 470 billion yuan. Housing construction data show that all localities and departments concerned to speed up the protection of housing construction as the promotion of people's livelihood to improve, change the mode of development, adjust the economic

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