Talking about the Transformation of Crushing Process in a Gold Mine

How to minimize the cost, the lowest cost, the smallest energy consumption, access to the best technical indicators and economic benefits, has been the core of the process of ore dressing. A gold ore crusher concentrator by changing the ore mining program and the transformation of the broken process, the improved effect is very significant, the scale of production from 100t / d to 550t / d. The following is a brief description of the plant's crushing process.
Mining object
Gold ore is a large rock and gold deposit, gold reserves of 27t, the average grade of 3.34g / t, from the open slum (17t) and the pit rich ore (10t) composition.
Before the transformation of the situation
1, mining program: the deposit of a certain section of the pit mining rich ore, the average ore grade 14.24g / t.
2, broken process: the use of two semi-closed-circuit crushing process, the maximum particle size of 350mm, the final product size of 15 ~ 18mm, that is, after the coarse ore into the coarse, the pre-screening screening, the first layer of sieve products into the broken; Intermediate products and in the broken row of ore into the crushing, and the formation of closed circuit; the second layer of the product under the broken product.
3, equipment and facilities: PEF400 × 600 jaw crusher 1 (rough), PEX150 × 750 jaw crusher 1 (broken), PYZ? 900 cone crusher 1 (crushing), SZZ ₂1250 × 2500 custom center Vibration sieve 1; the main auxiliary equipment 980 × 1240 trough to a mine, B = 500 belt conveyor 3 and so on.
4, the structure is: coarse broken plant (9m × 12m × 9m), in the broken and screening room (6m × 6m × 10m).
5, gold recovery process: the use of heavy - floating - tailings zinc cyanide powder replacement gold together process.
After several years of production, a large number of pit mine to reduce the mine, gold ore crusher fell significantly, the economic benefits of landslides, but a large number of open-air lean ore remains intact, the advantages of large resources has not yet played. According to the above situation, it is necessary to carry out the overall technological transformation of the existing enterprises, the scale of operation, open-air and pits simultaneously, rich and poor, make full use of mineral resources to achieve more gold and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
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