Ultrafine Mill - Application of Powder Products Industry

Into the 21st century, the mining machinery market demand, the relevant data show that China's mineral powder products growth rate stabilized between 35% -46%. Market demand in the mining machinery manufacturing industry to promote economic growth at the same time, it is directly promote the entire industry technology development, the emergence of a number of batch of independent intellectual property rights with large-scale advanced products. Collier's ultrafine mill is one of the industry's best application equipment.
According to the modern market demand, the large-scale high-tech equipment is one of the development trend of mining machinery, the scale of the development of domestic mines to expand the requirements of equipment specifications to achieve large-scale. Ultra-fine mill the smallest model for the HGM80, the volume is about 13.9x4x6.2 (m), the largest model for the HGM1680, covers an area of ​​26.3 * 7.5 * 11.9 (m). The successful realization of the large-scale production equipment requirements.
One of the requirements of the user to purchase equipment is the resource-saving technology and equipment, including energy efficiency, equipment wear-resistant materials consumption indicators, equipment, processing and consumption of water and electricity indicators. These requirements not only reduce production costs, but also the state for modern large-scale mechanized production requirements. In the ultra-fine grinding machine research and development, the use of pulse dust filter to capture dust, the use of muffler to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean features. In the finished product fineness and motor power of the same circumstances, than the air mill, mixing mill, ball mill production more than doubled. Grinding in the grinding roller, grinding ring with a special material forged from the general up to more than a year, processing calcium carbonate, calcite, the service life of up to 2-5 years.
According to the needs of customers in recent years, customers in the processing equipment technology and personalized demand gradually emerged. The super-fine grinding machine has a new second-order staggered processing technology, the main shaft through the upper turntable and the next turntable; upper turntable and the lower turntable through the upper roller and the lower roller, respectively, The next step of the roller, in the upper grinding ring and the lower ring grinding ring ring do rotary motion. The new second-order staggered ultrafine mill reasonable distribution of energy, improve production efficiency, more energy-efficient; proved by the finished product fineness distribution more uniform.
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