What are the characteristics of the construction waste crusher?

construction waste crusher is mainly for the construction of brick and tile stones for large-scale equipment, construction waste crusher has the following characteristics:
1. construction waste crusher did not design the screen sieve at the end, even if the high moisture content of crushed high water materials will not be blocked as early as possible, the new construction waste crusher even in the rain can work as usual, will not affect the production. The traditional crusher with a grate sieve is not suitable for raw materials with a moisture content higher than 8%. When the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, it is very easy to clog, so that the hammer can not rotate, the material can not be discharged, Bad motor, seriously affecting production.
2. construction waste crusher with two-stage rotor up and down two crushing, the material through the superior rotor grinder into small particles, and then transported to the lower rotor continue to crush into fine powder. Two-stage rotor smash each other to achieve the material powder, hammer powder the best results, the final discharge port directly discharged.
3. construction waste crusher with high alloy wear hammer, hammer is the use of train wheel forged from the special strong wear and tear, harder than the average hammer more wear and tear, an increase of the hammer's life.
4. construction waste crusher with a unique two-way gap technology, hammer wear and tear after the gap between the liner becomes thicker, may have the center to move out the gap between the hammer to continue to use, you can also move the hammer position The Up and down the two sets of rotor shaft are equipped with flywheel, flywheel adjustable cycle speed fluctuations, so that the operation of uniform and smooth, had to increase the inertia, to overcome the movement caused by resistance, saving electricity.
5. construction waste crusher with hydraulic start the case, only one person can easily complete all the operations, not only safe and reliable, and easy to repair.
6. construction waste crusher with centralized lubrication system, non-stop oiling, convenient and quick. Construction of the grinder lubrication system, a change in the mouth of the mouth, the oil cup of the traditional way of filling lubricants; configuration to the oil distribution pump, one step operation, multi-channel oil supply; machine can work in the state at any time all the bearings At the same time simultaneously filling the oil, due to the whole oil closed, but also to prevent damage to the damaged bearings, maintenance inspection is also convenient.
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