Wooden floor maintains places that are ignored easily

In whole family in decorating, the harmonious that whole home installs is very important. So how does the color of wooden floor and domestic all match? Below, read the opinion that floor expert gives out together,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/1345.html]Shadow Box Fence Panels Suppliers Uk[/url] see them how match.

1, fasten suitable with color

If chose Brown give priority to white to set the furniture that match, real wood of beans of the teak of usable and Brown department wings is compound wooden floor is suitable, chose the real wood furniture of copy annatto,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/9166.html]where to get deck timber in doha in Luxembourg[/url] can you use gules department? Floor of beans of wood of foliaceous alizarin red, face cream wood is suitable color. Be the same as hue to match, decora-style rigorous, orderly, air

2, close look fastens suitable  

If chose black Hu Tao to stick the furniture of face plate, usable and Brown big fruits birch of that beans, large, green match colors of handle mulberry floor is suitable. Close look is suitable, decora-style to appear lively,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/affordable-floor/5211.html]future opportunities of wood plastic composites[/url] harmonious, delicate

3, suitable to colorimetric department  

If choose the archaize furniture of cardinal department, some fashionable families, can choose the maple floor match colors that buff fastens. The color Huang Zhong of this kind of floor slants white,[url=http://outdoorfloorsupplier.com/wholesale-deck/7026.html]Colors Available For Composite Decking[/url] form bright and harmonious comparative effect with cardinal furniture. Comparative color is suitable, in principle wants careful with, match colors must have professional eye or ask an expert to guar pass, match colors should have comparative and strong result already, want to have the effect of harmonious set off again.

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