The gold ore crusher to use common sense

In the course of using these gold ore crusher, the operation personnel to operate such equipment correctly according to the working principle of different types of gold ore crusher. In the use of traditional Chinese medicine especially pay attention to the following several points of common sense.

Equipment before the start, the operator should promptly check the coarse and fine mesh without damage, each set of beam ring is locking etc.. Also check the gold ore crusher frame is broken, if damaged, the need for timely repair, prevent material leakage. Equipment startup, operator should pay special attention to the device has no abnormal noise, the current is stable, there is no abnormal vibration etc..

Equipment after use, should be promptly cleaned up, avoid hoarding material in the equipment, under the influence of a boot to use. Equipment in use process, the operator should check regularly the coarse mesh, mesh and spring with or without the fatigue and damage various parts of the body due to vibration and produce damage to the site need to add lubricant to lubricate. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, can not only improve the equipment working efficiency, but also can extend the service life of equipment, thereby creating more economic value for customers.
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