and more widely, which also brings

modulus. Very suitable for basketball, volleyball and other professional game movement. Second, according to the floor structure 1, layer plywood keel sports wood floor system double plywood keel system is one of the FIBA ??certification system, through the German DIN certification, NBA Basketball League to promote one of the systems. The double-ply keel system is also a high-performance system. With high shock absorption and consistency of the

fixed sports wood flooring system, good environmental adaptability, the cost is relatively low. 2, the layer of the system board double-layer wide-board system also received the FIA ??and Germany DIN certification system, one of the most prominent feature is to control the overall deformation, the athletes can be isolated on the regional site of the deformation , So that the system for each presence of the shock absorber role of each player do not interfere with each

other. Solid wood sports floor of the classification and characteristics of home Xiaobian to share over, and hope to understand the solid wood flooring to help. For more decoration materials, please continue to focus on home decoration network.Home flooring is divided into many kinds, parquet is one of these, this floor is not only decorative effect, and flexible, anti-static, by many consumers of all ages. Let's take a closer look at the composition of the

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