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the door frame. The good hinge has the anti-corrosion performance and good transmission ability, which can ensure the uniformity of the hinge and the damage caused by the weight of the door. In addition, some of the market now sell carved wooden doors, the price is not included in the cost of paint, and doors and doors are separately priced, the door of the production materials and doors are not the same. Consumers buy a carved wooden doors, you must also

ask manufacturers to paint, or buy their own paint. Because the polyester paint used for carved wooden doors has a moisture-proof effect, only the choice of good paint can prevent the carved wooden doors due to moisture and deformation. Dark brown walnut gives the impression of dignity and dignity, and light brown cherry wood is people feel warm and comfortable. Carved wooden doors because of the different selection of tree species, and showing a

variety of wood texture and color. Therefore, the choice of style with the living room consistent with the solid wood carved door, will make the room considerably. Second, the price of carved wooden doors The above content is home Xiaobian introduced the price of carved wooden doors and purchase notes, we hope to understand the carved wooden doors help. More knowledge of doors and windows, all in the home decoration network.The new cork flooring is

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