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through-holes or blind holes. Woodworking drill and woodworking end mill is different from the edge of the edge, wood drill in addition to the main cutting edge, the outer edge of the sharp cutting edge, to cut off the wood fiber, so that the side of the hole more flat. 4. Denthole processing tool for processing the tenon of the special tool a lot of style, there are hollow square chisel, with a drill bit hollow square chisel, chain hit the knife and machine chisels and so

on. The hollow chisel face has a crescent-shaped edge that cuts the corners around the borehole. A hollow square with a drill bit is a combination of a drill bit and a chisel, and the drill bit is mounted in a hollow square. & nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: Yongfeng woodworking tool classification What is the family Xiaobian introduced here, hope to help you. To learn more about the knowledge of decoration tools, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration

network.Microcrystalline stone flooring is a kind of home flooring, such a natural texture of the floor, do not fade, wear scratch, the application is very extensive. Here we take a look at what characteristics of microcrystalline stone wood floor? First, what is the microcrystalline stone wood floor? "Microcrystalline stone floor" is a modern technology, the plate is a high calcium microcrystalline stone powder, germanium stone , Maifan stone and natural resin-based

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