floor. First: see, there are bumpy antique

research, repeated practice of high-performance products, with the current market, other similar products unparalleled characteristics. The product is green products that can be recycled. Second, the microcrystalline stone flooring What are the characteristics? 1, performance: waterproof (long-term water immersion), fire (fire rating B1 level, the highest in the wood floor), high strength, good wear resistance, no deformation, Water astringent), feet comfortable,

Naisuan Jian, anti-insects. High temperature, thermal conductivity fast, is the building energy saving geothermal floor of choice. 2, green: antibacterial, no formaldehyde and other harmful gases, the highest environmental standards (E0 level). 3, widely used: widely used in indoor, such as home, office, business, hotels, schools, bathing centers, swimming pools and public places on the ground decoration. Summary: Through the above description, I believe we already

know what is the microcrystalline stone wood flooring it! Microcrystalline stone wood flooring features, home Xiaobian to share over, we hope to understand the microcrystalline stone wood to help. For more knowledge of ground decoration materials, please keep an eye on every home decoration network.Stone wood floor is a kind of wood is better than wood high-tech new stone wood flooring, this floor environmental health, economic and durable,

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