lumber first ceaselessly

From 2017 beginning of spring up to now, the message that furnishs about tightening up lumber first ceaselessly emerge in large numbers, this big to lumber consumption country [url=]wood sheeting clearance sale Panama[/url] is undoubtedly for China " deadly injury " . Those who tighten up a message is supply to be driven in lumber, sweep of Chinese lumber market " rise in price " agitation,

plant to high-end annatto material on (if make foot yellow a surname) , low end capable person reachs below (like deal) , all without exception gives " rise in price " [url=]anti-fungus artificial flooring in sri lanka[/url] agitate overturn the heavens. According to lumber kingdom the data that monitor shows, up to handed in 15-25cm of diameter of market of Guangdong of foot yellow wingceltis,

long 1.8-3m to sign up for 18-22 on April 14 10 thousand yuan / ton, diametical 30-35cm signs up for 28-35 10 thousand yuan / ton, diametical 35cm above signs up for [url=]Discounts pvc door Thessaloniki[/url] 35-45 10 thousand yuan / ton, regain history is exalted. And cork kind, the price such as radiation pine, hemlock relatively the beginning of the year also appears 50-80 yuan / stere goes up. Radiation is at present loose log too storehouse the 4 A in rice sign up for harbor 900 yuan / M3, chinese hemlock signs up for 1070 yuan / stere.[url=]outside wpc deck[/url]
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