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bigger and bigger the better, but the smaller the narrow the better, because from the wood stability, the smaller the size of the floor, anti-deformation better, short, narrow solid wood flooring , The deformation is relatively small, can reduce the solid wood flooring: bending, twisting, scoop, crack, shrink, arch and so on. In other words, splicing the floor customer service on the solid wood flooring common some shortcomings. But retained the solid wood of the

Dongnuanxialiang, ease the pressure and other fine features. 3, and solid wood flooring itself with biological glue stitching, relatively solid wood multi-layer composite floor glue consumption is much smaller, there are environmental advantages. But if a board splicing too much (such as more than fight), the use of glue or even more than three fight. 4, splicing plate suitable for installation in the bedroom this relatively small room, so that will make the room room

bigger. Solid wood stitching the advantages and disadvantages of the floor, home Xiaobian to share over, we hope to understand the solid wood splicing floor help. For more information on the renovation of building materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.There are many kinds of heating floor, geothermal floor, composite geothermal floor, solid wood floor, and so on; then, what is the solid wood flooring it? What are the

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