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longer the use of teak flooring the better the stability, the more beautiful. Teak has a "once owned, several generations of income," the reputation, if you like, you can children and grandchildren have been used (pass) down to see those hundreds of years still intact preserved teak palace, temples, luxury cruise is not difficult to understand. Third, the thermal conductivity of excellent wood is a good natural material, the ground heat through the floor to the surface, there

will be heat loss, the ideal floor is in a good sense of foot on the basis of these losses can be controlled within a reasonable range. Multi-layer solid wood is 12-15mm thick, solid wood is 18mm thick. 3-5mm thickness difference, some people believe that the thermal conductivity of solid wood as multi-layer solid wood. Practice has proved that pure wood in the thermal conductivity Caesar no more than multi-layer solid wood, one, the thickness difference is

very small; Second, the multi-layer is solid wood veneer and glue cascade, this structure is particularly high thermal resistance coefficient. And geothermal installation is installed directly on the geothermal layer above, there is no air resistance problem, the air heat resistance coefficient is the highest, so if it is installed with the traditional keel, there is a problem of air resistance. Fourth, the good insulation of solid wood itself is warm and cool summer cool body

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