the company full of confidence

the Guodong Group will be added to the shares of shares of 0.5 shares: the company's net profit in 2006 increased by less than 100%; 07 annual net profit grew lower than 50%; 2006 or 2007 financial report was issued non-standard unqualified audit opinion. This shows that the company's high-level sustained.
high-speed development of the company full of confidence. At present, the company's share of gold is very high, the value is seriously underestimated. And a quarterly disclosure in 2007, is expected to the beginning of the next reporting period, the company's cumulative net profit growth over the same period last year 50%.
From the trend point of view, the recent stock by rising channel shocks rose, after a strong short-term potential, the volume again enlarged, the market outlook is expected to break through the platform to accelerate upside, investors can focus on.
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