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amount of subsidy (per square meter) of the surveyed product based on the best information obtained 3.54 yuan). The survey will be conducted on the basis of the 20 policy provisions (ie,cost estimate to build a deck homewyse the recognition of the market economy status of the composite wood flooring industry) in the China Composite Wood Flooring Industry, but if the survey found that there was a reverse The Border Service will issue a questionnaire to the Chinese government and producers to collect information.[url=]synthetic boat flooring dubai[/url] Reporters yesterday (21) learned from the China Forest Products Industry Association, the Canadian border services (CBSA) on February 16 issued a preliminary

notice, ruled origin or export from Austria,Vedenpitävä parveke wpc terasseilla Belgium, China, France, Germany and Poland composite Floor dumping, of which the dumping of Chinese products was 26.6%; also ruled that originating in or exported from China, the existence of subsidies for the composite floor, the subsidy of 2.01%. Notice: Since February 16,[url=]Komposiitti puu loppuu condominiums[/url] importers in the import of the country's surveyed products, will be imposed equivalent to the dumping margin of temporary anti-dumping duties and the amount of subsidies corresponding to the temporary countervailing duty, or as required to submit the appropriate Margin. The flooring industry has questioned that

about one-third of the laminate flooring exported to Canada, the head of the company's sales department, said, "We know this result on the 16th." , According to him,how do i clean veranda decking after the Canadian sample survey of three Chinese enterprises, "our company, Shanghai Feilingel Wood Company and a trading company in Shanghai, but the three tax rates are all 26.6%." This The results make him difficult to accept. "Our ex-works price is $ 5 per square meter (about 50 yuan),[url=]Kuinka täyttää halkeama kompositi ovelle[/url] CIF is about 5.6 euros and our domestic price is only 40 yuan, obviously we do not exist dumping behavior." According to this The person in charge, the Canadian staff today arrived at

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