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Development to 2000 has been no new material provided. 'Zhongshan City, Hong Guxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. Yang Jing, director of marketing, said. Most of the mahogany used in the production of mahogany furniture is imported from India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and other Southeast Asian countries and South America and tropical Africa.
In China, mahogany is a raw material that is totally dependent on imports. 'Yang Jing said. China's unique mahogany culture, so that the mountains of Southeast Asian countries staged a field of wild snatching tide. With the increasing voice of international environmental protection,
these countries have adopted strict restrictions on the policy, China's mahogany imports of raw materials increasingly narrow. At the end of April this year, the Government of Madagascar issued Decree No. 2010-141 for the prohibition of mahogany and other precious timber exports.
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