The new sand making machine for the gravel industry into the new force

New sand making machine, the traditional sand making equipment improved new products, whether the machine is in the work, or in the high-end technology and sand rendering effect, etc., compared to the old-fashioned sand machine has a great improvement, in addition, It also pay more attention to the protection of the sand environment, so that the success of its success is undoubtedly for the current sand and gravel industry into the new force. Based on this, the following will be a new type of sand making machine on the equipment of a brief description of the specific details are as follows:
New sand making machine "new" where?
1, compared to the same power under the old sand making machine, the new sand production capacity can be increased by more than 30%, and stable.
2, the crushing chamber optimization and improvement, making the new sand making machine broken effect is more prominent, mostly cube, gradation reasonable, fully meet the current harsh construction sand production needs.
3, in addition to the original observation of the door, the new sand making machine is a hydraulic cover device, making the machine more convenient to maintain.
4, for the new sand machine, in addition to the fixed machine can be installed, but also optional ride on the car chassis, used to achieve sand and stone material moving sand operation.
New Sand Making Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
1, a change in the old sand machine blast design, the use of a unique air from the circulation system to reduce the amount of external exhaust at the same time, can also reduce the operation of the sand when the dust leakage;
2, for some serious dust production, the new sand machine can also be selected in the fuselage with some dust removal devices, such as pulse dust collector;
3, for some sand construction site, can also add some spray facilities, in order to achieve the purpose of dust, to achieve green sand production operations.
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