used, can also be used to replace wood

garden or Waterfront landscape, etc.), outdoor outdoor flooring, outdoor wood preservative projects, etc .; can also replace the port, terminal and other wood components used, can also be used to replace wood production of plastic wood packaging, plastic wood pallets, Numerous, very versatile. Because the main purpose of this material is to replace wood, it and pine, poplar, eucalyptus and other natural wood is the difference between it is a plastic and

wood fiber synthesis of "wood"; China's production of wood composite materials The majority of wood fiber content is greater than 50%, mainly in the wood, in the definition of the US standard to express the meaning of wood fiber-based raw materials, "wood" is the main body of the material at home and abroad also played some Alias, such as "ecological wood", "waterproof wood", "green wood" and so on, the global timber resources, serious tension for the

plastic wood flooring provides a broad space for development. "Ecological wood flooring development prospects, Compiled on the analysis finished, we hope to understand the ecological wood flooring help, for more knowledge of decoration materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Solid wood geothermal floor environmental health, is a common place for geothermal heating. Currently on the market of solid wood flooring,

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