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here, and hope to help you. Learn more about decoration materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Bamboo flooring is good or wood floor? Bamboo flooring and wood flooring belong to the floor, are home improvement commonly used in the floor material, but the material is different. Xiaobian below to do for everyone to compare, let everyone know that bamboo flooring is good or wood floor which is good 1, compression and

distortion of bamboo is a crude fiber structure, straight fiber arrangement, not easy to produce distortion and deformation, and its flexural strength can reach about 1300 kg / cubic centimeter, the general is the wooden floor of 2-3 Times, bamboo floor of the tensile, compression and steel, cement comparable. Bamboo flooring moisture treatment than the wood floor uniform shrinkage is small, low shrinkage coefficient. The wood floor fiber arrangement is intricate, easy to twist and deformation. Wood floor and bamboo flooring at the same time soaked in water for 24 hours, the expansion of wood flooring rate of bamboo flooring 2 times. 2, sound-absorbing bamboo itself has a sound-

absorbing, noise, reduce the sound pressure, shorten the voice of the time function. 3, environmental protection and convalescence of bamboo flooring formaldehyde emission can reach the international top of the E0 standard, formaldehyde emission is almost negligible. Solid wood flooring environmental indicators are still limited to E1 and E2 standards: e2 �� 5.0mg / L, e1 �� 1.5mg / L. At present, only Finland and Japan are enforcing the e0 standard in

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