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magnificent pattern of wood species, so elm floor in the beauty of the pattern is one of its advantages. 3. Elm solid wood flooring cheaper elm is China's northern common wood species, with the south of the beech and known as the North Bean Zelkova. In the north of a large area of ??the distribution of a large number of elm, therefore, in the domestic price of elm floor is not high. Second, the shortcomings of elm wood flooring 1. Elm wood flooring is not easy to

process the first shortcoming of elm floor is difficult to processing, the Chinese folk saying is called elm lump, describe a person stubborn, on the other hand The hardness of elm. Therefore, the elm floor in the processing more difficult. 2. Elm wood flooring easy deformation Elm humidity is very high, in the system before the floor to be fully dry, or easy to deformation of the elm floor. Elm floor instability, not easy to anti-aging, usually do not use pure elm to do solid

wood flooring. Domestic wood flooring manufacturers generally use elm to do solid wood flooring, and then through the painting and other processes to reduce the risk of deformation of elm floor. Domestic elm floor is particularly good is Bei Yake floor, Bei Yake unique blue and white porcelain floor craft to the greatest extent possible to prevent the aging of wood flooring. The advantages and disadvantages of elm solid wood flooring Xiaobian introduced

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