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The name of the rosewood expert Mr. Tang said that the variety of pear is also a lot, remove the pear does not say that the market is common in Brazil pear, safflower pear, African pear, grass pear, etc., but this is only the name of the line, in fact, there are many Is not part of the national standard mahogany.
In several pear, only Myanmar pear is a national standard mahogany, the current price of raw materials in about 20,000 yuan / cubic meter, is the best inside the rosewood, but also the most appreciation potential. African logs market: near the end of the year,
the overall performance of the African log market is active, the price is also a clear upward trend. It is understood that the downstream furniture factory at the end of the traditional practice of stocking to stimulate the sales of African logs, especially some dark luxury hardwood, such as windmill wood (commonly known as lime),
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