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With Baltimore starting an 18-game stretch Thursday after losing its day off from Wednesday's rainout against the Yankees, the Orioles' No. 2 prospect, Austin Hays, could be making his Major League debut in the near future.

"If [Hays] would've been here the last three days, he might have started with the three left-handers. But now we have a pretty long stretch," Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. "He Chicago Cubs jerseys can hit right-handers, too, at [the Double-A] level so we'll see. He'll get an opportunity somewhere along the line. He'll crop up. He was [going to be] in the game [Tuesday] if a certain thing had happened."

Hays has flown through the cheap jerseys O's Minor League system, going from Class A Short Season to getting the callup to the Majors in just 15 months. Since his first game with the Aberdeen Ironbirds last June, Hays has accumulated a .330 average with 36 home runs and 116 RBIs in 166 games.

Although Hays has some speed, Showalter said the team will rely on Joey Rickard in pinch-running roles simply because of his experience. On the defensive end, Hays has posted a .982 career fielding percentage in the outfield with 13 assists.
"We saw him a little bit in the spring. The one thing that I would caution myself is that when guys first come up here, there's a different depth perception. The first time you have that third deck. There's a lot from the background seeing people in the stands. So there's an adjustment period with that," Showalter said. "So early on, I try not to take it too deep and you see a lot of guys improve. All indications are he is going to be a good defender and throw well."

No matter what role he will fill for the Orioles, Hays assumed that it could be a possibility to make it to the big leagues at the beginning of September. When Double-A Bowie manager Gary Kendall gave him the call, Hays was ready.
"Oh, it was unbelievable getting the call. My girlfriend was right next to me, so obviously I told her first because she was right there and then I would say the first person I called was my mom just to tell her. It's a dream come true," Hays Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys said. "It's been unbelievable [to get here in just 15 months]. This first full season has gone by unbelievably fast. To see where I'm standing right now is just incredible."

Despite having the pressure of being ranked the Orioles' No. Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys 2 prospect, Hays has been able to find success both offensively and defensively and does not expect that to change at the Major League level.
"I try not to change the way I played the game or the way I thought about the game or what I was trying to do on a daily basis," Hays said. "Just came in, put my work in, stayed with my routines and just took it day by day and kept having fun playing the game."

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