country of forestry industry

An increase of 21.43% over the previous year, the growth rate is much higher than the national GDP over the same period, from the beginning of our growth rate of forestry output from 01 to now maintained a 19% growth rate, the speed We know that, far higher than the growth rate of GDP over the same period,
that is from the static point of view, China is now a large country of forestry industry, from a dynamic point of view, China's forestry industry maintained a relatively strong and strong Growth momentum. Why is that so? There is a forestry industry in the middle of the national economy in the middle of the positioning,
I simply introduced, there should be three aspects of the problem, the first forestry industry is a sunrise industry, the second forestry industry is to enrich the people of the industry; third, Forestry industry is a low-carbon environmental protection industry.
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