Reinforced wood flooring prices

From the professional point of view of the installation of the floor, before starting the installation work, be sure to keep the plastic floor dry, smooth, clean and good state,cheap exterior wood cladding so as to better ensure the follow-up installation work smoothly.
Ready to install tools for electric drill, ordinary woodworking tools, labor insurance gloves, stainless steel screws, etc., where the drill is the necessary tool to install plastic wood flooring. Plastic wood flooring brittle, in the fixed floor and keel,install railing on concrete stoop steps you must use the drill hole, and then put the screw fixed, to avoid damage to plastic wood flooring.

Fixed plastic keel: the plastic wood keel evenly arranged in the cement floor, it is recommended that each pass over the distance of 30cm. With an electric drill in the keel on the hole, the hole diameter can not be less than the screw diameter, then screw into the drill hole,plastic as building material the keel fixed to the concrete floor, nail head should be fully screwed into the keel, do not be exposed, or may lead to floor The layout is not flat.

Fixed the first floor: each piece of plastic floor on the left and right sides were Yin and Yang trough. In the first floor of the pavement,plastic wood stair tread covers wholesale you can use woodworking tools will be the first floor of the outer side of the sun chute saw or worn away, and then the surface of the floor with electric drill hole, open into the nail, it will be fixed on the keel.

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