payment for goods falls

in cabin seat or berth crate was not fulfilled and circumstance of paid-up of payment for goods falls, will bring about a few be short of the supplier that loses credit " same batch [url=]related to chain link fence with privacy strips[/url] goods sells for many times, repeat accept the order " ; The 2nd, tighten whirlwind of spruce norms lumber price to rise, and the oak bakelite that drives other norms " all fronts raises price " . Of disturbed and whole industry trade order and regulation, destroyed the supply demand relations with normal market.

To form consensus, accomplish reason to trade, when to put forward as follows to suggest especially: 1, goods did not install ark to fall to cabin, do not pay first; 2, use L/C [url=]what type of boards are used for porches[/url] means as far as possible. Receive bill of lading to pay again;

3, risk of lock price pattern. [url=]cellular pvc decking reviews[/url] When had not fulfilled crate and cabin seat or berth, the price with again high mark, goods hair does not go out, also the end that short of manages. 4, do not be afraid of do not have goods, thailand the Song Dynasty does section New year holidays to already passed, monsoon already passed, press normal market rule, log can be added gradually much, and the possibility of price fall is very large. [url=]outdoor deck manufacturer[/url]
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