demand increases continuously

and domestic demand increases continuously, drive lumber to import a quantity to grow considerably, the log of the entrance comes from Russia, New Zealand, United States for the most part,[url=]Grey Fence Panels[/url] among them Russia held great majority. ► China lumber and wood are current association vice-chairman Fu Haining: Now, domestic lumber market really gap is bigger, say on the whole, import volume continues to increase again even, otherwise if the demand of the normal lumber that cannot satisfy home.

Sunshine harbor has finished lumber to import 700 thousand stere first quarter this year, relatively the corresponding period grew 5% last year. And the entrance lumber of sunshine harbor [url=]Wood Plastics Deck In Usa Market[/url] broke through 3 million stere last year, quantity of the lumber that receive discharge occupies first place of countrywide coastal haven.

Customs data shows, the whole nation [url=]How Much Slope Should You Have On A Concrete Porch[/url] imported timber last year ninety-four million seven hundred and six thousand one hundred stere, grow 14.69% compared to the same period, wood of its Central Plains imports forty-eight million seven hundred and thirty-three thousand stere, grow 9.35% compared to the same period.[url=]Yard Wpc Deck[/url]
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